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Saturday, 17 December 2011

Of roofs , Anima and Loathing

So Holiday from work has started and it will be two weeks before I have to deal with it again so expect plenty of updates and production.
Managed to finish the roof this week.
Using balsa wood and sandpaper to act as Asphalt.

 Then stained the wood with chestnut ink and put a base coat of black on the asphalt.

In other news got my first Christmas present  and it is something that I have coveted for some time
The excellent Mr Norman got me the Black Sun Starter set from Anima Tactics by Cipher Studios . 
The minis are fantastic , very delicate and beautifully detailed (not sure I can do the justice) ,the game itself is pretty good too with lots of depth and synergistic (is that a word?) play . Of course it does mean that the list of much desired models gets ever longer .The Warmachine Mercs are put aside for the moment but the list of desire for them has also grown now looks like I need half a dozen units at least two more heavy jacks and a gang of solos.
In other news I have been sucked back into my old Kingdom Of Loathing character Pretaboire.
If you haven't tried it out its well worth a bit of time . Its a point and click adventuring game that parodies ridicules and generally takes the piss out of everything .

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