A place to contain all my ramblings , rantings and ridiculous plans mostly hobby related but with a smattering of comment on real life . The hobbies are basically all things gaming this covers a wide scope for me everything from tabletop wargaming through boardgames , card games and roleplaying to Live action role-play and re-enactment ; there may even be a little computer gaming comment.


So the plan that's floating around in my under worked brain at the moment is to use the Worldworks line of products to build a city . One of the reasons was so we can all buy and make parts of it that can come together for a cracking playing surface . I will edit this page with photos and a basic set of guidelines that if we all stick to will give us the chance to make matching scenery that is compatible and infinetely varied.
The world Works stuff seems to work on 6" square tiles as the basis , so if we work to 6" squares and multiples there of anything we make will fit . I think that bases everything on 10mm blue foam gives stuff a good rigidity and if we all base stuff on that then it will tessalate well .
I have found 160gm matt white card in the range at £2.99 for 100 sheets which works very well .