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Sunday, 4 December 2011

Back On The Brushes

So Its been 3 months since I picked up brush or glue so thought it was time to get stuff started again .
Mostly prompted by the 4TK Winter open day , I have managed to drag myself away from RIFT and Fallout New Vegas in order to start prepping some figures and scenery .
First up is my new battlegroup
Magnus the Traitor Starter set with an added Renegade this is a new venture for me as my main force is Protectorate of Menoth. 4TK is planning a journeyman campaign in the new year so this will be my new force to take part . One of the major parts of the campaign is that models are painted as the campaign goes on so other than a quick undercoat and a bit of base work these guys will not see paint till January .
When building them I managed to put the arms on one of the renegades backwards so now one will be Lefty and the other right hand man.
The other project I am going to be working on is the Warlands  figures and scenery , I have a nice big stack of dark future minis and a mixture of vehicles so I can develop the collection . As far as the scenery goes it's going to have a distinctly Fallout feel  Hence

This Filling station is loosely based on the one that appears all over the Mojave in Fallout New Vegas > I've always loved the look and feel of the fallout games so it seemed to make sense that a post-apocalyptic game should have a Fallout theme.

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  1. Excellent work Sir! Looking forward to seeing how they both develop.