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Sunday, 8 May 2011

Selling off FOW

In order to raise some funds I have put up my FOW soviet army up on Ebay
4000pts painted Soviets
This is a chance to grab a bargain

Just Finished this as my part in the Steve Dean painting swap
It is seriously testing my reserve and I really enjoyed painting him up .

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Messing around in Boats

Johnny Hawkwind dropped off some uncharted seas boats for me to paint for our upcoming try something new campaign so I thought I'd chuck a bit of sepia wash on them.

Some more Cutlass

Getting to grips with the Salty Whores
So last night I had a chance to play another game of Cutlass and start to get a better feel for the game.
Firstly I must say a huge thanks to Rob for the excellent playsheets that he spent a lot of time creating which made the whole experience far more enjoyable and sped up the game play no end . I took my gallant and noble royal navy crew (still not sure what there crew of yet) into battle against Robs all female pirate gang "The Salty Whores" who were being ably manhandled by Andy who wasn't sure whether to invest in a new system so wanted to try it out .The game itself went a lot smoother this time around especially as we hadplenty of assistance from the other backroom boys (or grumpy old geezers) Shaun ,Johnny Hawkwind (check out his cutlass review), Rob and Dave .I've posted up some pictures of the game in progress taken on my phone so not brilliant quality I'm afraid
All in all another very enjoyable game that flows quickly and once you have got your head round the mechanics makes a strange sort of sense . My navy boys did take a bit of a paggering but the game was still fun and I came away with the resolve to arm my men with more boarding pikes and muskets . Four of my crew were on the deck by the end of the game one of whom once down had been viscously kicked and beaten so that he left the table crippled . This time around we ran through the post game sequence to access our injuries experiences and earnings This went well although one of my marines lost a leg  and three others were wounded and can't take part in the next game but on the plus side when the lovely lasses cut up my officer they left him with some intimidating scars . Unfortunately having lost the game my crew has started down the road of infamy , not by being evil just by being crap we did make a big pile of cash though . Not overly worried about the results as its all just experimental and I will create a new gang once we're all happy with the rules and we start to play in earnest .
at this point it looked like I was gonna take a kicking

Andy planning on crippling my valiant crewmen

now now girls theres no need to get viscious

Robs excellent play sheets

"Eat Lead Bitch"

"I'm telling you those shoes don't match that hat"

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Bringing life to the desert

So painting finished ruins built
and on to the green stuff
I have tried out a few varieties and would welcome any opinions and comments that people would like to make .
I am going for a Mojave - Sonoran look