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Friday, 5 August 2011

BIG 40K sale

I am selling off a few 40K armies
I will post up links to the EBAY sales in a couple of days assuming no--one buys them in the mean time
All realistic offers considered

including all aspect warriors
original harlequins
jet bikes and grav tanks
weapon platforms and guardians
Avatar and characters

Huge Ork Waaaaaghhhh
An excellent collection of orks from every incarmation of space orks
from the first ever space orks , the Space Ork raider box set
Space crusade orks and gretchin
Gorka Morka orks grots and vehicles
Bikes , buggies , truks , dreadnaught and Kopta
Many characters and Nobs

Space marines
Metal Terminators
Original Beaky Space marines
Assault Marines
Original Space Hulk Terminators

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